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Hello Residents of District 23B,

I am running to represent our district, because I am tired of wasteful government spending, high taxes and overreaching regulations. My first-hand experience in agriculture, combined with owning small businesses, has shown me how overreaching regulations, high taxes, poor roads, limited daycare and health insurance problems burden farmers, small businesses and hard working people in our community.  As someone whose family was out priced by Obamacare, I know our healthcare system needs to be fixed.  Furthermore, as a father of two young girls, and as one whose family includes a long list of teachers, I appreciate the need for a strong education system and know our rural schools deserve equal funding.  It is time, government worked for everyone.  I want to advocate for us.  This is why I want to use my diverse business experience and management style to provide new ideas and get things done.

Having worked and helped many companies across numerous industries, I understand not only the need to attract new companies and high paying jobs to our region, but also the importance of retaining existing companies and jobs in our district. In parts of our district, businesses are closing their doors and moving to neighboring states due to Minnesota’s poor business climate. Recently, Minnesota was named the 3rd worst state for doing business.  This must change. As your State Representative, I will fight to change our state’s economic direction, so that our businesses, hardworking citizens, and retirees remain in this state.

As your representative, I will draw on my diverse business background to understand and anticipate the problems facing our district.  I graduated with a business degree from the University of Minnesota, and am a self-employed owner of a small business consulting company.   I have experience in farming row crops and working in hog barns.  I also spent 23 years investing, developing, selling and managing real estate.  The core of my career, however, has been spent helping businesses of all sizes eliminate waste and become more efficient, effective and profitable.  

I was born and raised in rural Minnesota.  I live on a farm outside Lake Crystal with my wife, Kallie Eberhart Munson, and two daughters, Stella and Gretta.  Fifteen years ago, my wife and I bought our farm, so we could be close to my wife’s family and hometown of Madelia. We wanted to raise our children to appreciate the hard work ethic and value structure that make our district great.  Our children attend school in Lake Crystal and my family attends church and Sunday school in Madelia.

This election is important. I am not a career politician.  If elected, I will fight for what is best for our district. I look forward to learning your concerns and objectives for this office in the upcoming weeks. Feel free to contact me on my personal cell phone at 507-351-0008, or you can email

Jeremy Munson

Why the candidates Wife thinks you should vote for him.

(Besides being his wife of course)

I am Jeremy’s wife, Kallie Eberhart Munson. I grew up on my family’s farm outside Madelia. I am fortunate to have a family who enjoys spending time together. In fact, my siblings and many of my extended relatives live and work in our district.

If you want an exceptional Representative who shares your family values and work ethic, who is honest, and who stands up for his beliefs, Jeremy Munson is our candidate. If you want a candidate who understands the challenges facing our district, and who has a diverse agricultural and business background, Jeremy Munson is your candidate. He will be your best advocate and will never stop working for you.  If you want an exceptional Representative who is well educated, analytical, well spoken, and practical, Jeremy Munson is our candidate. Jeremy graduated with a business degree from the University of Minnesota. He started and grew a nonprofit to 350 members in less than two years. As a self employed business analyst, he quickly learns processes, gauges problems, and finds solutions. He successfully works and communicates with people who have diverse perspectives, and he efficiently manages large multi level projects. Jeremy is extremely efficient and results oriented, which is why his clients return year after year, and why he will be an effective Representative who gets things done.

If you want an exceptional Representative, vote for Jeremy Munson on Feb. 12th.


Kallie Eberhart Munson